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Application, Admission

and Fees Payment Information

Application, Admission and Fees Payment Information

Application and Admission Procedures
Your first step toward being a Student of The YPLS School of Learning


YPLS (The YPLS School of Learning) will provide school and course information to prospective students, parents/guardians followed by the pre-counselling and advice process.


Applicant to fill up the School Admission Application form and submit to YPLS together with Application Fee and all of the following documents (English translated and duly certified):
  • Applicant’s photocopy of passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Highest Educational Certificate
  • Latest School Report Book
  • 3 passport size photograph
  • Parents’ photocopies of passports
  • Either Parent’s Bank Statement (applies for Visa required countries)
  • Parents’ monthly salary statements (applies for Visa required countries)


YPLS will evaluate the application against the entry requirement and to recommend for Management approval if met.


Upon approval, student will be given the following official documents to complete admission formalities :
  • Letter of Offer
  • Student’s Letter of Acceptance
  • Advisory Note to Student
Detailed explanation of the above documents will be done before any parties are requested to sign in person.


YPLS will proceed with student pass application


Student will be notified by YPLS upon receiving In-Principle Approval of student pass from ICA after 4-6 weeks of processing time. Applicants 15 years old and above maybe required to go for medical check-up on case by case basis


The student will be given the Standard Student Contract to be duly signed to complete admission formalities

Detailed explanation of the above document will be done before any parties are requested to sign in person.


Upon signing of Standard Student Contract, student will be required to make payment according to course fees and payment terms in the contract

Upon payment , YPLS will purchase FPS Insurance coverage on behalf of Student on the Course Fees received within 7 working days from CPE’s appointed FPS Insurance provider


YPLS will arrange to collect the Student Pass on the e-appointed date and time.

Students are required to produce their original passport and medical report (if applicable) for verification when collecting their Student's Pass

Fees Payment Information

The student may make his / her student fees payment by the following methods: -

*For All Fees (FPS and Non-FPS Course Fees, Exceptions like Application/Miscellaneous Fees)

SGD Crossed Cheque / DBS iBanking / DBS & POSB ATM / Cash at any DBS Branch / Telegraphic Transfer to:

Bank (Beneficiary) Account Name : The YPLS School of Learning Pte Ltd

Bank (Beneficiary) Account No: 003-901857-6

Beneficiary’s Bank Name : DBS Bank Ltd


PAYNOW : UEN200500033G


All fees refer to all monies that are paid to YPLS by the student to be enrolled in YPLS. The following fees are exempted from the FPS, if collected by YPLS:

  • Course application fee
  • Prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Miscellaneous fees
  • FPS insurance premium
  • Examination fees collected less than 2 months before examination date.

Application fee refers to the fee that the student pay the PEI for the sole purpose of processing the application form submitted so that the PEI can check if the student meets the course admission requirements.

Miscellaneous fee refers to any non-compulsory and non-standard fee which the students will pay only when necessary or applicable, for example, re-exam fee, charges for credit card payment, etc. Such fee is normally collected on an ad-hoc basis by YPLS when the need arises. These miscellaneous fees need not be protected but they must be reflected clearly in the student contract.